Destiny Drawer

I have attended several Game Jams in my life. I love video game design and making a game in 48 hours is a fun challenge that always brings out the best in me. For this particular game jam I went in with a simple game play mechanic: Line bouncing. I imagined what would happen if a 2D platformer had the ability to paint a line and then jump on it, bouncing them higher.

I assembled a small crew and we got to work building the game. The programing was a difficult task but luckily we had a very capable programmer. Within a few hours he worked out a way to make a line of paint trail the player then bounce the player off the line. We decided that the main character should be female because there aren’t enough female protagonists in gaming. I animated her run cycle and soon the game started coming together. Fortunately we had another great artist who worked on the main levels.

I took the theme of painting and built a story about an abandoned children’s drawing that had to travel through the art universe correcting paintings that had been defiled with monsters by the evil “Inner critic”. I made a simple slide show at the start of the game to introduce the characters. And since our game was really coming together by the last day we made a final level that was a “Blank Canvas” with a rainbow paint line. This represented the end of the game and the fact that the abandoned drawing gets to make their life into their own masterpiece.

As people played our game they were entertained by the gameplay but they mostly commented on the story. They said it was incredibly sensitive and moving. The organizer of the event played the game and remained strangely silent. He said he enjoyed it. Then at the end of the Game Jam everyone was eager to hear who won the coveted “Jam awards” (Literal jars of jam.)

The organizer took the stage and said “We have to make a new award. One we didn’t expect to give but I’m going to make it up right now. The game that wins best story is ‘Destiny Drawer'” It was amazing! I collected our jam and we were delighted.

You can play the game in a desktop web browser here:

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