Book Review: The Worry Trick by David A. Carbonell, PhD

I suffer from generalized anxiety so any book that claims to have solved worry immediately gets my attention. I picked up the book “The Worry Trick” not expecting much. What book could help with my long lasting chronic worry? But when I read the first chapter I was blown away! I was surprised to discover this book did have a lot to offer and I’m thrilled to report that my worries have become much more manageable in a few short weeks.

What is the “Worry Trick”? it’s the thinking trap where one experiences “Doubt” about the future and reacts as if they have encountered “Danger”. It’s really simple but very counter intuitive. That could be the tag line for this book. I was so relieved when I read that simple description. It released a lot of tension in my mind. Because uncertainty about the future is unavoidable. We can’t know the future 100% at any point in our lives. And there are infinite possibilities that could happen. Just because something is possible in the future does not mean we have to fear it. It’s just possible. And the truth is even those things we fear a lot we could most likely survive.

By separating the “Doubt” about an unavoidably uncertain future and the fear response I have unfrozen myself from analysis paralysis. I can work on creative projects and not worry about what outcomes will happen. I just have the freedom to do. It’s such a relief. I highly recommend this book to anyone with worry or anxiety problems.

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