My Hero’s Journey

I realized I needed a hero’s quest and so I decided to go back to my artistic roots and become a concept artist. I have always found concept art fascinating. And the tools are so readily available today. I have photoshop and Zbrush and getting good is simply a matter of putting in the hours doing art. So this blog will reflect my journey to become a concept artist. Even though I have a degree in illustration I view myself as a beginner. I am going back to learn the fundamentals of art. Feng Zhu Always says to get good at art one must start with the basics. I’m studying the basics of Light, Value, Shape and Colour. I’m going to work up to Perspective and 3D Modeling.

Here are today’s practice illustrations:

Kay Bear

I’ve been really focused on playing with shapes and creating interesting shape design in the images. For “Light” I noticed the model had a lot of triangular shapes in the skin tone of her cheeks and nose. I decided to play that up in my painting. Another thing I did with these paintings was try to juggle all four aspects of painting at once: Colour, Value, Shape and Edges. I did it all at once instead of doing a grey scale painting and colourizing it afterwards because I had never truly become comfortable with all four at once before. It’s harder but actually far more fun to paint with colour as part of the process. I’m learning so much and it’s so fun.

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